Ubuntu Window Placement Similar to Win7

With Ubuntu 11.04, It came with ‘Grid’ enabled under ‘Window Management’. This means, if you drag a ‘Window’ of an app to the right of the window it will stick to the right and left if you do left, taking half of the screen very similar to how Windows 7 has done. Drag from the mouse works fine however, the key combination is different than the Window. In this post I will talk about how to make it similar to how it works on Windows i.e. “Win + Right” key will stick the Window the right and “Win + Left” will stick the Window to the left.

To do this you need “CompizConfig Settings Manager” installed if you don’t have it already.
If you don’t then you can do so by running following command.

$ sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

CompizConfig Settings Manager
Go to CompizConfig Settings Manager by going to “System>Preferences>CompizConfig Settings Manager”
Scroll down to the “Window Management”
Compiz Window

1. Click on the ‘Grid’ to manage the key bindings.
2. For this example lets work on the putting the window to the Left (to put on Right follow the same instructions except for picking the right key combinations)
a. Click on the key binding for action you want to edit, in this case right next to ‘Put Left’, (currently has ‘KP4’)
b. You will be prompted with a modal window, click on ‘Grab key cobination’

c. After you click on that button press the key that you want to bind the action with in our case lets do “Window Key + Left Arrow”
d. It should show ‘<Super>Left’ then click on ‘Ok’ button on the window to close it.
e. Now if you click on ‘Win’ Key + Left arrow then current window will take half of the screen and will be on the left side.

You can follow similar steps to do for pan the window right, maximize, minimize etc.

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