As mentioned in my earlier post, I recently upgraded my Ubuntu to 11.04. In my 10.10, I had created a virtual HDD called “home.disk” where I stored all my ‘home’ content. Now its time to recover some of that info.
This is how I am able to mount a ‘.disk’ file as a drive on ubuntu and be able to copy the content.

1. Creating a mount point
First of all you need to create a directory where you will be mounting your .disk file to

  $ sudo mkdir /media/homedisk

2. Mounting the disk file
I have my “home.disk” file in my external HDD which is mounted in my ubuntu under “/media/Elements/home.disk”
So, my command to mount it is as follows, (If you .disk file is elsewhere just point to that)

  $ sudo mount -o loop /media/Elements/home.disk /media/homedisk

There you have it!, now you should see an icon on your desktop called ‘homedisk’ and if you click in there, you should see the contents of the file!