Adding New virtual HDD on Wubi

In one of my laptops, I have been using Ubuntu under Wubi. It is great as I get to use full blown Ubuntu and still can get access to Windows when needed. One of the limitation is though that virtual HDD assigned under Ubuntu can get full really quickly (specially with the system updates and other PPA updates). So, I am going to talk about how we can get pass it by creating a virtual HDD and attaching it to Ubuntu.

Here are the steps to create and attach the HDD.
Step 1: Creating a virtual HDD
Run following command to create a 20 GB hdd (I will use this hdd as my primary home directory)
$: /host/ubuntu/disks$ dd if=/dev/zero of=extra.disk bs=1MB count=20000 seek=1
NOTE: here i am calling it a “extra.disk”, you can name it anything you want.

Step 2: Formatting the virtual HDD to ext3
$: /host/ubuntu/disks$ mkfs.ext3 -F extra.disk
NOTE: make sure you use the right disk in our case its “extra.disk”

Step 3: Creating a backup
$: mv home home.backup
$: mkdir home
$: mount home
$: rsync -av –exclude=home.backup/.gvfs home.backup/* home


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